Interested in Recruitment?

 Sigma Phi Lambda

How to join

Attend an Interest Meeting

As your first step with Sigma Phi Lambda, you will be invited to join the chapter at one of our three interest meetings. Interest meetings are a great way to find out what Phi Lamb is all about! You will get the opportunity to meet our active members, the officer team and get to know what we are all about. These meetings can help you see if Phi Lamb could be the home for you!

If you have any questions about recruitment, please send us an email!

Contact our Secretary –

or DM us on twitter or Instagram!!


Experience the New Member Period

You will be a new member for one full semester. At the end of the semester, right before finals begin, you will become an active member of Sigma Phi Lambda in our traditional induction ceremony.

Schedule Introductions with the Officer Team

Once you’re in the duration of your new member period, you’ll have an introduction interview with the officer team and new member educators. It’s nothing scary — it’s  just so they can get to know our new member class!

Attend New Member Retreat

In order to join, you must attend new member retreat that is held in the beginning of the semester. You will spend the night with your new member class, officers and new member educators to build sisterhood! If you absolutely cannot make it, talk to our secretary.

Fall 2019 New Member Educators:
Mackenzie Calloway

Kaci Jackson

Iylish Dunn

Lauren Castor

Spring 2020 New Member Educators:

Britney Reese

Rachel Littleton


Dues during your new member semester will be $213. Once you become an active, dues will be $188. However, DO NOT let the price of dues stop you from joining! Talk to our treasurer for more information on payment plans and any possible scholarships.

Attend Meetings

As a member of Phi Lamb, you are required to attend weekly meetings. During your new member semester, you’ll attend two meetings per week. New member meetings are on Monday nights at 8 p.m. (contact a New Member Educator for details/locations), and chapter meetings are on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.