In Our Own Words

Phi Lamb is not only a group of girls, but a circle of sisters. We share good times and bad, laugh and cry together, celebrate and grieve with one another. Without this family, we would be missing the everlasting love of friendship. Here are some members’ own words about how Phi Lamb has changed their lives:

  • I chose Phi Lamb because I knew that I could be totally myself around the like-minded Christian girls! It also has been really helpful in my transition to a new university already having a girl gang ready in the Fall!!
    – Emily Sorvillo, Fall 2018


  • “Phi lamb made me feel like I had a safe space to ask my questions about God, cause I came in not knowing much! And then it gave me life long friendships that I will cherish forever and a relationship with Jesus!!”

– Lauren Castor, Fall 2016


  •  Phi Lamb changed my life by giving me some of the best friendships I could ask for that I know will last a life time! Some of my favorite things about phi lamb is having a sense of community with Christians! I also enjoyed having accountability though prayer groups and loved our chapter events like full retreat and sisterhood events!

– Michaila Spradlin, Alumnae


  • “Phi lamb has changed my life because I am constantly being held accountable in my walk with Christ. As Christians we are called to fellowship with one another and I am constantly in wonderful fellowship with my fellow sisters and glorifying God’s name through it all. Things I like about phi lamb: everything is done for god’s praise, the godly group of women in the sorority, everyone is accepting towards everyone and respectful of everyone’s testimony and struggles, we totally negate the cliché that Christians don’t know how to have fun, it’s a great way to find your college besties and possibly even future bridesmaids”

-Maci Teaque, Fall 2017


  • “I love Phi Lamb because it truly gave me a home at Texas State. Because of Phi Lamb, I found girls with the same values as me and my forever best friends. I am SO thankful that I took a chance and joined Sigma Phi Lambda!”
    – Kenzie Minor, spring 2019


  • When I started college I was desperate for a community of like-minded friends. I searched high and low for a place to get plugged in that would inspire me to dive deeper into my faith and to hopefully gain some friends along the way. I found all of that and more within this sisterhood. Through Phi Lamb, I met my forever friends. The ones you dream about making in college. The ones who share in all of your life experiences. The ones who push you to be a better woman of faith. I was able to grow in my confidence as a leader, become comfortable sharing the gospel and meet Christian women of all different backgrounds. My Phi Lamb memories are some of my best college memories. I am so blessed to have been involved with an organization that changes so many lives and pushes so many women toward Jesus!

  – Karla Jackson, Alumnae