Sweet Home Sigma Phi Lambda

By Nicki Erickson

As I am currently entering my senior year of college and reflecting on all decisions I’ve made throughout this journey, joining Phi Lamb was one of the greatest. I always wanted to be in a sorority, but wasn’t sure Greek life was for me. Plus I didn’t have the money to pay Panhellenic dues anyway. The first week of my freshmen year I stumbled upon a Phi Lamb interest meeting and knew right away that I wanted to join.

When I first walked into that interest meeting, I was greeted by a girl who would eventually become my Big. She didn’t even know me, but right from the start, she pursued a genuine friendship with me (she’s married and still my friend today!). Everyone in the room, like my Big, had big smiles and bigger hearts. I was drawn to their cute over sized T-shirts, Chacos and joyful personalities. What really drew me in though was their purpose, to glorify Jesus Christ in everything they did.

Phi Lamb is like regular sororities in many ways. We have recruitment, Big/Little reveal, date parties, sisterhood events, formal and initiation, but everything we do is Christ-centered. Our weekly chapter meetings include worship, prayer, encouragement and fellowship. We also have weekly prayer groups. These groups allow for a smaller group of girls to come together in community and prayer. Our recruitment is very informal. If you come to one of our interest meetings, you will find our members, as I said above, in shorts and an oversized T-shirt. Another difference in the way we run recruitment is we don’t give out bids. Any girl who wants to be a member is welcome, with open arms, to join. Our motto is, “You choose us.” We serve together, go to church together, study together and spend our free time together.

Phi Lamb is a home away from home. Here I have met the truest friends I have and will ever know. These are the girls who will cry with me, laugh with me and pray with me. They are there to tell me it will get better when my heart is broken. They are there to celebrate with me when I land my dream job. They are there with a route 44 Diet Coke in hands on the night before my hardest final. I can bare my soul, dreams, and struggles to them without any fear of judgement. My sisters are selfless, loving, beautiful women.

If you are a new freshman, transfer or a returning student who hasn’t found their place on campus yet, check out Phi Lamb, and you might just find your home like I did.

Sweet Home Sigma Phi Lambda

Nicki with fellow Phi Lambs Lizzie Schwebel, Taylor Stewart, Lindsey Strubhart and Brenda Erickson.

Read the original article here!

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